Main Location: Brooklyn NY

Rhapsody Audio resides on a complete floor and basement in an imposing stone mansion in Brooklyn New York. The space operates 5 dedicated listening rooms, with various flexible systems. These are built around either digital or analogue front ends. Rhapsody Audio calls on many years of experience in high end audio, in all the top brands. This has brought us to the position of presenting clients with the absolute best audio available today, both in sonic terms and long term owner satisfaction.

In addition to our headquarters in Brooklyn, we also provide quite a unique service to our clients across the US - with a further 5 high end demo  locations utilising Pilium, Kondo, Alsyvox, Diesis, Bayz, Taiko - amongst other brands we carry.

Diesis Roma Triode speakers driven by a complete Kondo -Audio Note Japan system, consisting of the Ginga TT w/SME arm/IO-M cartridge, GE-10 phono stage, G-1000 preamp, Kagura 50 Watt SET amplifiers.  All Kondo silver cabling from the windings on the IO-M all the way through each piece of equipment to the drivers in the Roma Triode.  A VERY SPECIAL SYSTEM!!!

Diesis Audio Aura speakers, driven by a Diesis Evento integrated amplifier.

Alsyvox Botticelli X and Raidho TD 3.8 speakers driven by Pilium Alexander preamplifier and Achilles Stereo amp, with a Taiko Audio Extreme Server and VYGER Turntable. Entire system is connected with Nordost Odin2 cables.

Diesis Audio Ludos speakers driven by a Devialet EX Pro 220 integrated amplifier.

Bayz Audio Counterpoint and Magico A5 speakers driven by a Pilium Leonidas integrated amplifier with an Aurender N20 streamer/server and an Aqua-Formula LaScala DAC.

Magico M2 speakers driven by Constellation electronics with the Taiko Audio Extreme server and VYGER TT.

1 South Portland Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Rhapsody.Audio is available for personalized auditions by appointment only. Please call us to schedule a demonstration.You are most welcome to visit our New York Showroom. We also arrange in-house demonstration packages to suit your requirements. We pride ourselves on impartial advice, so if you have any questions or own brands we don't carry, we can still help you.


phone: +1 (212) 229-1842