Rhapsody Audio Location: West Palm Beach - Florida

Jakub Paszynin & Socrates Romay

The Rhapsody.Audio West Palm Beach store is now open and ready to greet visitors, by appointment, to audition the Alsvyox Tintoretto speakers with the Pilium Leonidas integrated amplifier and the Aurender A30 streamer. The Bayz Audio Courante will also be arriving soon.

Partners Jakub Pasznyin and Socrates Romay are well versed in both home audio systems as well as home theater systems. Please contact either Jakub or Socrates to schedule your private listening session.

Jakub Paszyninemail: jakub@teknamat.comphone: +1 610-633-8166

Socrates Romayemail: socrates@tcascorp.comphone: +1 786-306-4115

Appointment only