Trevor Kelly

I have been to a lot of high end audio shops as I started the process of upgrading my components. Rhapsody is by far the best. Bob is a gentleman he spent a lot of time with me understanding what I was looking for. I am so delighted with my new system, it has changed my life and the way I enjoy music. I can’t think of a better person to work with. You should also check out his videos on YouTube. Thank you Bob! More

Roni Jenkins

Hero’s come in various forms and Bob was my “hero” on Saturday. I had a room full of 120 people for a presentation and no working speakers. I called Bob and in a flash he came by to assist. More

David Gambuzza

I’ve known Bob Visintainer and have been doing business with him for over 12 years. Always a pleasure to see him and discuss hi-end audio. Down to earth, and my favorite person to deal with in this field. Beyond his vast knowledge of More

Jatin Goradia

Bob is absolutely the best in the business I have come across. Honest and passionate about music is what comes to mind. I purchased my Magico’s from him and it was a delightfully easy transaction. Since then, I’ve visited several times just More

Patrick D’Avanzo

Rhapsody Audio NYC is an extraordinary audio establishment. I consider Bob Visintainer the pope of the audio world. There is nothing that Bob and Rhapsody cannot do for you when it comes to audio. If you desire a GREAT audio system, and More

Clive Williams

Probably the best Audio Store in NYC to just sit and listen to music without any pressure. The equipment and the music do the talking, both excellent. You will just end up buying something. You just cant help it. Awesome experience.? More

Bill Case

Bob Visintainer has some of the best ears in audio, along with a genuine enthusiasm for the highest quality in music reproduction. Rhapsody Music and Cinema is always a treat to visit, and certainly one of the end points in any serious. More

Ed DeCrenza

Music, for many of us is in are souls. Bob brings customers closer to finding that love. Bob sold me a pair of S5mk2’s and took time to drive up north to make sure they were properly set-up and helped setting up the Aurender, magical sounds. Many thanks Bob More

Alan Hyman

I bought Magico S5 MKII speakers this past August. I could not be happier! The service and communication is first rate at Rhapsody Music & Cinema. Bob Visintainer is a knowledgeable and down to earth guy. After my speakers were More

Adam Brown


Edward Fernandez

Been a Goldmund customer and aficionado since 1986. Met Bob a few years ago and he has always been a true gentleman…helpful and with lots of great ideas and much experience. Purchased Goldmund Satya…a Mim 11 and an Aurender W20 at his More

Gary Ming

Bob Visintainer is one of the best in the US at providing high end audiophile equipment, his knowledge, expertise, and service will provide you with years of enjoyment.? More


 The Goldmund system sounds incredible it’s like your at the musical theater when your listening to classical music More

Sergio Rattner

Bob is a pleasure to do business with. Professional, highly responsive, and delivers the utmost in every respect. More


Randi L.

Bronx, New York, NY
I refer to Bob as my “audio angel”.

When I was ready to resurrect my stereo system, I went to a couple of highly recommended high-end audio sources. But I honestly never really felt like I was in good hands with any of them. However, meeting and working with Bob was a truly amazing and joyful experience. He went above and beyond in every way possible. Rarely in life do you ever meet someone that does that anymore. Bob is one of the most knowledgeable people in the audio business. I am filled with much gratitude now that I have music back in my life.

Consider yourself extremely lucky if you too have the good fortune of having Bob as your audio angle – he is truly one of a kind. More


Bob K.

If you’re relatively new to high-end audio, don’t feel intimidated in calling in an appointment for a listening session at Rhapsody Music and Cinema. The owner, Bob, is about as passionate an audiophile as one can get yet is quite friendly, humble and thoroughly professional.
Whether you plan on spending a couple thousand or have a sky-is-the-limit budget, Rhapsody’s product lineup is simply formidable. And if one of the brands you’re seeking is carried here, you won’t find a more relaxed place to audition and let the music speak for itself.


Roni J.

Queens, NY. 2/8/2017

Hero’s come in various forms and Bob was my “hero” on Saturday. I had a room full of 120 people for a presentation and no working speakers.  I called Bob and in a flash he came by to assist. He was pleasant, worked on the problem for a good 30 minutes, then  told me the news that I didn’t have the correct equipment to hook up the microphones to the speaks we had. He was great and offered to help, but the studio I rented the audio from just didn’t give me the correct items.  I would recommend Bob for his patience, knowledge and kindness. More


Kihong K.

New York, NY. 1/20/2017

Rhapsody is one of the best-kept secrets in high-end audio salon in NYC. The owner, Bob is very professional and a gentleman with no pressure.  Rhapsody’s product lineup is simply impressive! I was fortunate to hear the  new  Goldmund Satya system.  Sounded great! More


Diyfool G.

Buffalo, NY. 6 reviews. 1/24/2017

Bob is a real audio dealer. He cares about the best possible sound for a given price point. His demos are most often a revelation because he knows what he is doing.

Two recent posts on the AudioShark forum-Raidho D3 Upgrade

-Last week I traded the Raidho C3 to Rhapsody Audio (NYC) for the Raidho D3.  Bob is a true gentleman and insured an easy transaction.

-Len, congratulations on the D3’s! Bob from Rhapsody is a real gentleman. He gives it to you straight. No equivocation.


You have no idea how happy I am to have met you and to have discovered the best audio dealer on earth. Your patience with my ignorance and your willingness to go the extra distance is simply amazing.

I’m truly blessed with the best audio in the world (ProLogos and Aurender) and with YOU!  My cup runneth over. More



One of the most compelling attributes of my Goldmund system is that I can listen to music that I like, not only audiophile recordings, regardless of the quality of the recording, because even poorly recorded cd’s sound incredible!


Mark Rosen

I thought about dividing this (Best of Show) award among several very worthy contenders, but the truth is that one speaker sounded more like the absolute sound than any of the others—and not by a small margin. That speaker is the new Raidho D1.


Jonathan Valin, CES 2013 Show Report

The Kondo room was spectacular, even better than at last year’s (2011) CES. It was seductive and addictive.