Trade-ins are considered on a case by case basis.
Give us a call and make a reasonable offer on the item(s) of your choice and we will attempt to make you a happy new owner.





  • Magico S5II M-Cast light grey finish, demos – Call for price
  • Magico A5s with grill covers and A-pod feet demos – Call for price
  • Kaiser Kawero Classic, w/ Spyder stands, demos, $44,500
  • Raidho TD 3.8, black, demos – $69,900
  • Constellation Inspiration Monos – Call for price
  • Constellation Pictor dual chassis preamp and Centaur II stereo amp demos – Call for price
  • Kondo Ongaku, demo, on display 3 year warranty – Call for price
  • Kondo GE-10i dual chassis phono preamp, demo, 3 year warranty- Call for price
  • Kondo Kagura mono amplifiers, demo, 3 year warranty – Call for price
  • Goldmund Mimesis 11 Hub $2,900
  • Rhapsody.Audio does not accept returns on used/demo pieces
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