July 1, 2019

Rhapsody.Audio now has the Alsyvox Tintoretto available for demonstration. This video was taken with the Tintorettos 2 hours out of their flight cases. We need to run them in for a few hundred hours, but they are ready for demo now. Here’s a sneak preview with the Taiko Audio Etreme>>>Aqua Forumul xHD>>>>>Pilium Alexander preamp>>>>Pilium Achiles Stereo amp>>>>Alsyvox Tintoretto


June 20, 2019

Rhapsody.Audio’s Pilium equipment arrived in our Manhattan studio yesterday.  All I can say is we are stunned byt the sonics, the aesthetics, the user interface, the build quality, the shipment packaging.  All get an A+++

On the left is the Leonidas 200 Watt integrated (98Kg). The center of the pic shows the Alexander two chassis preamp (separate power supply hidden in pic).  On the right is the Achilles 264KG Achilles 300 Watt stereo amplifier.

Come in for a listen and be amazed!

June 15, 2019

Rhapsody Music and Cinema is now Rhapsody.Audio   

Rhapsody.Audio is our website address but we liked the address name so much we made a formal company name change via a dba (doing business as) to Rhapsody.Audio

May 27, 2019

The latest videos from Rhapsody featuring the Diesis Roma speakers and the videos from the recent Munich Hi-Fi Deluxe show in Munich may be viewed at- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCneLCqdm0JU17yF6ruU99UA?view_as=subscriber

May 26, 2019

Rhapsody is proud to announce that we will be representing Alsyvox Audio Design, from Spain.  Alsyvox manufactureres the best planar speakers in the world.

We will have the Tintoretto model available for demonstration in our Manhattan studio.

You can view the Alsyvox site at http://alsyvox.com

May 26, 2019

Rhapsody is VERY EXCITED to anounce that we will be representing Lucxar, which is located in Madrid, Spain.  We recently attended the Munich Hi-Fi Deluxe show in Munich and worked with Diego Ajo, Lucxar principal.  We were taken by the beauty, the sound and the vaue of the Lucxar Zeitlos Turntable which is priced at a very reasonable $7,500.

You can see the gorgeous Zeitlos TT at http://lucxar.com/zeitlos-2/

April 7,2019

One of my favorite audio people and actually just people on this planet……enjoy!



April 1, 2019 (This is NOT an April Fool’s Joke:)

Rhapsody is proud to announce we have been selected as the US distributor/representative for VYGER from Italy.  VYGER produces works of art and incredible sound in the analog domain.  Rhapsody has an Atlantis IV on order which will arrive in July 2019.

March 15, 2019

Rhapsody is proud to announce that we now represent Aqua Acoustic Quality who specializes in very natural sounding DAC’s.  We have the Aqua Formula xHD available at Rhapsody for auditions.

You can view the Aqua Acoustic Quality products on their site here:


February 23, 2019

Steve Guttenberg, the Audiophiliac, visits Rhapsody…..two separte videos….enjoy!



January 27, 2019

Rhapsody is proud to introduce Pilium Audio as the latest addition to the Rhapsody family of product offerings.  We currently have the Pilium flagship Divine series Ares Preamplifier and the Divine series Achilles Amplifer on order.  Delivery will be in 6-8 weeks. Stay tuned for updates.  


January 25, 2019

Newly installed Magico M3’s with Mpods, beautiful listening environment!

December 23, 2018 – Merry Christmas!!!

Goldmund at Iliad showcasing the Goldmund Metis Towers.  All of the artwork and furniture is also available for purchase from Iliad.

December 15, 2018

Latest Magico M3 installation by Rhapsody


November 11, 2018

Rhapsody is very proud to announce that we are now an AVM Audio electronics dealer.  Rhapsody is representing both AVM and Magico at the NY Audio show, which is being held at the Park Lane Hotel in Manhattan  this weekend.  The AVM http://avm.audio

line of products is substantial.  Rhapsody will have “All in one” (pre, amp, streamer, cdp, tuner) units, preamps and amplifiers in our studio available for demonstration immediately.

A few pics from the NY Audio show which is still in progress.

November 4, 2018

Kondo Ginga added to this already spectacular Kondo/Kaiser system.




October 18,2018

Kondo/Diesis System installation now complete-  This system is available for demonstration to interested buyers.

October 12, 2018

Rhapsody has just begun to install  this system on Long Island consisting of Diesis Audio Roma Triode speaker and a complete Audio Note Japan- Kondo Ginga TT, GE 10 phono, GE1000 pre and and Ongaku amplifier.  The Ginga will be set up next week and the system will be ready to sing.



October 11, 2018

Rhapsody now has the Diesist Audio Roma and Aura speakers available for demonstration in our Manhattan Studio.

October 10, 2018

Latest Rhapsody Goldmund installation over looking the Hudson River in the West Village, Manhattan.

May 6, 2018

Rhapsody is very proud to announce that we are the NYC Diesis Audio dealer.  Diesis Audio, from Spoleto Italy, which is between Rome and Florence, manufactures ultra attractive but even more importantly high efficient speakers. We have just placed orders for two Diesis speaker models, the Roma Triode (first pic), which has been developed specifically to be driven with the Kondo Ongaku amplifier.  We also have the Roma  (second pic) on order.  We expect to receive both Diesis models by late summer. The third pic is the Caput Mundi.

Reviews of Diesis Audio Speakers-



April 28,2015

Steve Guttenberg, the “Audiophiliac” presents a Magico A3 review after an Magico A3 listening session-


April 25, 2018

Steve Guttenberg, the “Audiophiliac” visits Rhapsody and listens to the new $9800/pair Magico A3s.



April 5, 2018

Magico A3s have finally arrived.  I listend to them for 3 minutes and ordered 10 pairs of the A3s.  They sound incredible and are $9800/pair.  The problem is demand is already overwhelming.  Orders placed now will be delivered in late August.  The next two production runs prior to August are sold out.

You can read all about the A3s here:


A3 sitting next to it’s “Big Brother” M3.

March 9, 2018

Ked, from the UK and Zero-Distortion recently visited Rhapsody.  Here are his comments:

February 24, 2018

New additions at Rhapsody….
Jadis JP80II 2 chassis pre/phono, JA200II 4 chassis amps, Techdas Air Force One Premium/Graham/Koetsu Coralstone P all on Critical Mass Systems Maxxum stands

February 13, 2018

Latest Goldmund Apologue w/Blu-Ray Goldmund Reference Player and Mimesis 32.5 processor.

Alta-Audio “Rhea” speakers installed in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

December 16, 2017

Here’s what Steve Guttenberg thought of one of our systems at Rhapsody during a visit last evening.   This was his listening experience after Mike Trei installed a Lyra Etna SL cartridge on our TechDAS Air Force Three/Graham Phantom III tonearm.


December 14, 2017

Rhapsody welcomes Critical Mass Systems as the newest member of the Rhapsody family.  Rhapsody has been selected to be the CMS NYC dealer.  Our first CMS equipment stand will be the Maxxum dedicated stand for our incoming TechDAS Air Force One Premium that will be arriving in January 2018.  We also have CMS Maxxum platforms arriving for our Jadis JA200II power amps.


Happy Holidays!

Rhapsody is very excited to announce that we are now the NYC Jadis dealer!

In January the I-88 90 watt integrated will be arriving at Rhapsody, then in February, the two chassis JP80II preamp will arrive along with the 200 Watt JA200II 4 chassis mono amps.

Audio Jewelry from Jadis


November 26, 2017

Our latest Kondo/Kaiser system is finally complete.

November 9, 2017

Nice report from a recent listening session at Rhapsody-

Upscale Listening Session

One of the perks of being a reviewer, or in some cases, a member of an audio club, is that we have access to many of the finest audio dealers for private listening sessions. Generally, we get to hear equipment that otherwise, we would only encounter at audio shows.

Several days ago, I was invited to attend just such a listening session at Rhapsody Music and Cinema. Rhapsody is a premier ultra-high-end audio dealer with two showrooms in New York City. The session was hosted by Rhapsody’s genial proprietor, Mr. Bob Visintainer. In attendance were fellow reviewer Marty Appel, and Mike Levy, the owner and principal designer of Alta Audio. For this listening session, his terrific Titanium Hesta speakers were being featured. The complete system was comprised of: The Micro Seiki RX3000 TT ($15K), CEC DAO DAC ($33K), Audio Note Japan Kondo Overture 32 Watt integrated amplifier ($35K), Enklein cabling (from $2K to $3.5K) and the aforementioned Alta Titanium Hestia speakers ($32K, 35K with the optional dedicated VPI footers).

The afternoon was spent listing to everything from Chopin to the GRP All-star Big Band, and everything in between. I was amazed that the 32 WPC Knodo integrated could so totally fill the rather large room with sound. I wasn’t surprised by the Hestias since I’ve heard them easily fill large rooms with fine sound in the past.

With classical music, the sound was very full with solid and dense instrumental timbres. The string sections of a Chopin symphony had a good sense of shimmer and decay. The bass underpinnings were pervasive but never overdone. The large sound room allowed the Hestias to demonstrate their ability to produce extremely good depth. With Cantate Domino, I was easily able to hear the shape of the back of the church where this recording was made. The overall width and height of the stage was most impressive as well. The sound was as close to “being there” as I’ve ever heard. The images within the stage were well-defined in a very natural way. At no time were they etched, nor did they sound like cardboard cut outs. To me, this is one of the characteristics that makes difference between a Hi-Fi sound and a natural sonic presentation.

Big band music was again full, and had excellent tumbrel weight. The brasses had a realism that was very pleasing. Acoustic bass was full and tuneful but never overdone. Here again, the ability of this system to throw a very wide sound stage was greatly appreciated. Overall, the Hestias were very well-behaved and well-balanced from the treble to the bass. No frequency was emphasized over another; There was a complete absence of hardness or stridency., nor were there any other sonic aberrations.

For me, this was a most pleasant afternoon and I’m looking forward to my next visit to Rhapsody Music and Cinema and another encounter with the Alta Audio Hestia loudspeakers.

Henry W.

November 8, 2017

Rhapsody is proud to announce that we now represent TechDAS in the NYC area.  We will have an Air Force III on display and ready to demo sometime within the next month.  We will have this Air Force III available for demonstration until our Air Force III “Premium” which is on order arrives in Q1, 2018.  

We will be showcasing the Air Force III with the Graham “Elite” tonearm.


October 12, 2017

Rhapsody welcomes Alta-Audio to our line of product offerings.  The new  Titanium Hestia at $33K/pair will be on display at Rhapsody and available for demonstration from this point on.  Come in for a listen!

September 26, 2017

Rhapsody is proud to announce that we will be representing Zesto Audio http://www.zestoaudio.com

We will be receiving the following Zesto Audio models, which will available for demonstration in our Manhattan showroom, by the end of October.


LETO PreAmplifier


August 5, 2017

Latest Rhapsody Kondo/Kaiser system now complete.

July 24, 2017

Today we are comparing Goldmund Satya, Wilson Alexandria X2s, Magico M3’s and Kaiser Kawero Classics…..all driven by Kondo Overture, Devialet Expert Pro 1000, Vitus SM102s and Constellation Centaur amps. Come in for a listen.


July 23, 2017

Latest Rhapsody Kondo/Kaiser installation.  Actually still a work in progress.  The speakers were taken out of their travel cases for the first time yesterday.  Will post more pics one the room/system are all set up.

The system consists of the Kondo M1000 pre/phono stage, Kondo Kagura amplifiers and Kaiser Kawero Classic speaker, with all Kondo cabling.  A Kondo IO-M cartridge is also on order.

June 26, 2017

 Rhapsody now represents the Audio Union – Mark Dohmann designed Helix Turntables.  We have the Helix 2 on order with the Schroeder arm.  It should be arriving in about 8 weeks.

June 25, 2017

We just took in a pair of Wilson X2 Alexandria speakers along with Lamm ML3’s and Lamm LL1 Ref Pre.  The Wilsons X2’s are now set up and ready for demo with a Devialet Expert Pro 1000.  Very engaging combination!

June 21, 2017

 Rhapsody is VERY excited to now represent Ortofon, the very prestigious 100 year old cartridge company that offers a full line of cartridges at all price and performance points.

We have a SPU Classic GME E II on it’s way for our venerable Micro Seiki RX 3000/Fidelity Research arm.

We recently took the Micro Seiki in on trade towards a Kondo Ginga Masterpiece TT.  It’s not a Ginga, but the 30 year old MS is quite special in it’s own right.  Reminds me of having a vintage Porsche 911…..they are both the “real deal”.

Come on in for a listen!

 June 2, 2017

Schedule an appointment to hear the new arrivals from Devialet at Rhapsody.  We now have the Expert Pro 220, 440 and 1000 models on display an ready for demo with Magico, Kaiser and Radho.

May 31, 2017

Show report from our recent attendance at the Chicago Axpona show.



May 20, 2017

Devialet, Devialet, Devialet……..

Rhapsody is very honored and proud to announce that we will be representing the award winning suite of Devialet Pro suite of products.

We will have the Pro 220, Pro 440 and Pro 1000 available for demonstration in our listening studio.

To hear the Pro 1000 energizing the Magico M3’s is a revelation!  Come in for a listen, quite intoxicating!!!

March 22, 2017


Goldmund Home Theater/Media Room – “Goldmund LA House”

Kondo Ongaku with Kondo Biyura installation by Rhapsody

March 21. 2017

GOLDMUND installation by Rhapsody

KAISER KAWERO CLASSIC installation by Rhapsody

March 20, 2017

LATEST MAGICO S3 installation by Rhapsody

What’s your cup of tea?  Magico M3? Goldmund Satya? Kaiser Kawero?  Raidho?

February 12, 2017



January 16, 2017

Ked from the new Zero Distortion site out of the UK visited Rhapsody a few months back, here is his “trip report”



December 31, 2016

Happy New Years!

Ben Webster doing “Stardust” streaming Tidal to Aurender N10 to MSB Select II DAC w/volume control to Goldmund Telos 1000 mono amps to Magico M3’s with MPods……Tara Labs and Enklein cabling.


Angus and Julia Stone “Black Cow” from “Down the Way”



December 27, 2016

Just finished uncrating and installing our new Goldmund Satya system.  Each Satya has three DAC’s and three amplifiers and can be connected either wired or wirelessly.  Sound great right out of their Swiss crate

 The Satya system 4 hours out of the crate in their new home playing a little Gene Ammons….


December 24, 2016

Happy Holidays!

Goldmund Satya speakers that we just installed in Clovis, CA.   We have the Satyas being delivered to Rhapsody early next week from Goldmund in Switzerland for one of our two Manhattan showrooms.

November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Tonight we had a small gathering at our Iliad at Goldmund studio, here are some pre party pics-


November 19, 2016

Building a Goldmund Apologue system with Blu Ray Reference Player on Long Island, NY last week.







November 17, 2016

Goldmund Satya/ Aurender W20 installation in Fresno, Ca. Wall treatments still need to be installed.



November 9, 2016

Yours truly and my two Swiss “accomplices” just finished a two day install on Long Island, NY.



October 28, 2016

Special Announcement!!!

Rhapsody Music and Cinema is very proud to announce that we are now representing TaraLabs  http://taralabs.com/

The Evolution level TaraLabs cables will be arriving soon.  They TL Evolution full system of cables will be connecting our MSB/Vitus/Magico M3 system.  Come in for a listen.

October 22, 12016

Kondo Ginga-IO-M, SFz, M1000II, Kagura and Magico M3/Mpods

Studer A812 driving Kondo M1000II and Kondo Kaguras with Magico M3/Mpods

October 21, 2016

A new Kondo Kagura/M1000II review posted on Positive-feedback.com by Myles Astor (AudioNirvana.org)




October 18, 2016

Along with the below mentioned Scansonics MB6s that we recently installed in our showroom, we have also added two REL 212SE subwoofers.  Rhapsody is a REL dealer.  The 212SEs have 4 each 12″ woofers(two front firing, one down firing and one rear firing) and a 1000Watt amplifier per sub. Coupled with the Scansonics MB6s we are talking about a BIG TIME sounding system under $18K total ($9900 MB-6s/$8000 REL 212SE/pair)


October 10, 2016

We just received our latest Dantax/Raidho speakers….the Scansonics MB-6.  It’s hard to believe how good the MB-6’s sounded like right out of the box.  They need about 250 hours to fully break-in but they are “ready for demo” now and at $9900/pair in black or white I think they will be finding many new homes at our customer’s residences.


 September 17, 2016

Steve Guttenberg discusses his visit to Rhapsody Music and Cinema and his listening session with the Ubiq Model One



September 10, 2016

Myles Astor visits Rhapsody – check it out on Audionirvana.org


image_4068image_4069image_4075September 1, 2016

Big news today at Rhapsody.  We are honored to become a MSB Technology dealer.  We have received our initial product, the Select II DAC (pics below) with the Femto 33 clock upgrade and the Dual Power Base.  I won’t even try explaining the sound other than a one word description “believability”.

On the way are:

-Universal  Media Transport

-Analog Dac

-Platinum Stereo S201 amplifier

-Platinum Mono 204 amplifiers


August 24, 2016

Happy new Magico S5II owner, Alan, with his new speakers, which were installed and fine tuned today.


20160824_145837August 22, 2016

Magico M3s arrived today.  They are installed and have started their break in process, probably about 300 hours.

20160822_15212120160822_140633 (002)20160822_132010

August 20,2016

Nice article regarding Rhapsody from Steve Guttenberg on CNet


July 23, 2016


The new Goldmund Talisman digital preamplifier is now available for view and demonstration at our “Goldmund at Iliad” luxury loft.  The Talisman has 3 digital inputs and one analog input (for your TT)!  The Talisman is a “lifestyle” product that controls any of the Goldmund Active/Wireless speaker systems.  See them at http://www.goldmund.com/en/products




Our new Magico M3’s ($75K) will be shipping to Rhapsody in early August.  We have also ordered the optional Q Pod stands for the M3’s ($9600/pair) which bring the M3 performance up a notch from the stock footers.  They look cool too:)


M3M3QPodThe Magico S1II’s have arrived in our studio.  All I can say is WOW!  They sound like the S5IIs and S7’s for a fraction of the price.  They give up low end extension BUT on most music you don’t even notice it.  For $16,500 in MCast finish they are quite something.


July 12, 2016

A new pair of Goldmund Logos Satya speakers being built for one of our customer’s in California.  This system is the “sweet spot” of the Goldmund active/wireless line of speakers as it provides BIG TIME sound close to the Annata and Apologue sound but at a more affordable price point.  Completely active with Dac’s and Amplifiers for each driver as well as a multitude of DSP’s which control all Xover points as well as provide time, phase and amplitude correction of the incoming audio signal.

If you happen to use any of the Aurender music servers, you can connect a provided usb dongle to the output of the Aurender server, which communicates wireless with the Satya or ANY of the 10 Goldmund active/wireless speaker offerings.

The entire system consists of an Aurender music server, an Ipad (which controls the Aurender and volume control for the system) and one of  Goldmund’s active/wireless speaker system…..The future is here!



May 26, 2016

New Kondo Kagura installation in Texas with Kondo M1000II, Kondo Kagura and Magico Q7II


May 22nd, 2016

Charles King installed our Rhapsody’s new Studer A812  deck with King/Cello tape preamp today.


May 15th,

Analog Planet’s comments regarding the Kondo/Kaiser room in Munich.  Michael Fremer is one of “thee” authorities on analog reproduction in the audio universe.


May 15th,

Our new Studer A812 will be delivered to our Manhattan showroom by Charles King this coming Saturday.  The Studio Studer Deck has been “upgraded” with Charles’ “King/Cell0” tape preamp, which takes the signal directly from the tape heads, bypassing the Studer electronics, to bring the playback sound to an entirely different level


May 8th (from Munich)

I just finished the last of four days at the Munich High End Audio Society Show……all I can say is WOW!  I really can’t describe the aliveness and overall incredible energy that I experienced this week in Munich….Wonderbar!!!

I spent the majority of time in the Kondo/Kaiser room, but also spent a fair amount of time in the Vitus room, the Magico room, the Ubiq room, the Absolare room, the Thrax/Audio-Union room, which are all rooms that are represented by Rhapsody and then visited so many rooms in addition that it’s hard to even remember or name them all.

A few pics-


Kondo/Kaiser room, literally like “being in heaven”




Ubiq Model One with new Ubiq subs and UbiqQ integrated amplifier…..this folks is the REAL DEAL at a great price.


Audio Union/Thrax   -Thrax electronics, Helix 1 TT , Thrax speakers and Enklein cables – All will be arriving in our Manhattan showroom soon – stay tuned     


As usual the Absolare room, this year featuring the Absolare “integrated” amplifier was sublime.



Vitus Room featuring the brand new SS 103 amplifier in champagne gold


Enjoying the Vitus room  with Hans Vitus and Matej Isak from Mono & Stereo

vitus_audio_speakers_review_matej_isak_2016_2017_mono_and_stereo - 1-1

Good pic from Mono and Stereo


Yours Truly with Lyn Stanley, who performed in our Kondo/Kaiser room!


Kondo/Living Voice Room- Must hear to understand!


A little taste of Munich!


Another pic of the Vitus room, with different speakers that were used on the 4th day of the show.


Magico S5 MKII, which we also have in our Manhattan showroom.


April 13th

We will be attending the Chicago Axpona show ( Room 522 ) at the Chicago Westin O’hare running from Friday, April 15th-17th. We will be representing Goldmund and will be demonstrating the Active/Wireless Logos Towers, an Eido 17 universal cd player and a Mimemis 11 processor.


Goldmund Logos Towers at our Goldmund at Iliad showroom in Manhattan.


Magico S5 MKII have arrived at the Rhapsody Studio


S5 MKII in MCast finish $38,000 MCoat(Glossy finish) $42,750

April 6th

Ubiq Model One full range speakers ($13,750) are now available for demonstration at Rhapsody.

The Ubiq Model One’s are a “game changer” at this price point!!!

A few great reviews on the  Ubiq Model One’s.




The Ubiq Model One is available in white, black or wood grain finish.

Grill covers can be removed (exposing the 8″ midrange and 12″ woofer) depending on personal preference, and are also easily attached (magnetic)  Strings are also easily removed if desired…..very flexible speaker regarding aesthetics which allow to match personal preference and decor.


March 17 (Happy Saint Patrick’s Day:)

Goldmund Apologue installation-


March 5, 2016

Interesting thread on the Kondo Kagura amplifiers at AudioNirvana.org

Kagura Thread on AudioNirvana.org

March 4, 2016

Mike Trei sets up Rhapsody’s Kondo Audio Note Ginga TT, with Kondo IO-M Cartridge and Kondo modified SMEV with Kondo silver would SFz step up transformer.

Today’s setup project. Kondo Ginga turntable with Kondo/SME V-12 arm and Kondo IO-M cartridge.
Michael Trei's photo.
Bill Leebens

Bill Leebens So—is that pronounced with both “Gs” hard, both soft, like “ginger”, or….

Alan M. Kafton

Alan M. Kafton Hard G’s, Bill….like gingko.

Lee Scoggins

Lee Scoggins I heard King Tut has a Kondo made of stone-ah…

Lee Scoggins replied · 2 Replies
Ron Goldberg

Ron Goldberg A lovely bit o’ kit, that.

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March 3, 2016

Another visit from Myles B. Astor-


  • Listening Sessions with the Vitus/Magico S7 Amplifier/Speaker Combination

    Click image for larger version Name: 00205.jpg Views: 1 Size: 45.6 KB ID: 6032

    A month or two ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Bob Visintainer’s store Rhapsody Music and Cinema located in Chelsea area of lower Manhattan and having an opportunity to audition Magico’s newest and hottest S7 speakers being driven either by Vitus electronics or the Kondo Kagara monoblock amplifiers and the Absolare preamplifier (see here for further information: ) Lately, Bob had recently been very excited about and wanted me to hear the the big Vitus SM102 monoblock amplifiers that put out 100 wpc in either Class A or Class A/B (110 wpc) mode into 8 ohms. Far be it from me to turn down an afternoon listening session, so I managed to wrangle some time this afternoon to visit Bob’s salon and get a couple of hours of listening in to the Vitus amplifiers combined with the Vitus SL102 linestage, Berkeley DAC, Aurender server and EnKlein cables (the rest of the system, aside from the amplifiers was identical to what I previously reported on). [I apologize for the stock photos but for some reason my photos keep saying corrupted when trying to upload]

    So how did it sound? Well I will get more into the sound tomorrow but let me say that the system sounded simply effortless with deep and extremely well controlled bass. And yes, I still think there’s more to that combo when Bob gets his phono section (he’s one step closer though this time with having an arm and cartridge mounted on the Kondo turntable!)

    Click image for larger version Name: sl102_1b.jpg Views: 1 Size: 103.9 KB ID: 6036

    First, it’s clear that the system’s strengths eg. resolution and neutrality perhaps also proves its Achilles heel. Paired with the rest of the system, the Vitus electronics bring out the best in great recordings and at the same time reveal the flaws in other sources. Or as Paul Stubblebine said in an interview to me several years ago, “there are recordings never stop giving one rewards as the playback system improves. That’s unlike other recordings that have a ceiling and then begin to show issues in the recording.” Clearly that is what is happening here and the Vitus doesn’t sugar coat the recordings. On great recordings like Dean Martin’s Dream with Dean or The Doors LA Woman, the system came to life. There was that sense of a real body in the room with you; none of the paper thin images. Overall, it seemed analog sourced masters fared better than digitally recorded music through the system. That’s of course with the caveat all things being equal and they probably weren’t with more care arguably put into the recording of the older than newer releases.

    This also reinforces the fact that listening to unfamiliar music at audio shows is a sure fire formula for reaching erroneous conclusions. If I had walked away after listening to one or two cuts, I would have left with a totally different impression of the system than what was actually the truth.

    When all the votes are in and counted, however, there’s simply no question that the most impressive aspect was the system’s absolute effortlessness. Nothing but nothing fazed the system: Large scale. Small scale. Rock. Jazz. Classical. Absolutely nothing upset the apple cart including such blockbusters as Reference Recordings’ Arnold Overtures or Scheherazade releases.

    Another great quality of this system–or just any good system for that matter–was the speaker’s ability to vanish into the background. While the S7s are far from some the size of some monoliths out there audioland today, the Magicos went into stealth mode leaving the whole music, nothing but the music behind. In fact, long time audiophile and forum member Marty Waxman dropped by the house last weekend and also commented upon how in my system the Magico S5s just simply disappeared and allowed him to concentrate on the recording. That elusive ability to immerse the listener in the music. No question that is one of the qualities that defines the better audio systems today.

    Characterwise, the overall tenor of the system was slightly slanted toward the excellent bottom end. The Vitus amplifiers possess that Class A warmth and fullness in the lower regions of the musical spectrum while at the same time maintaining great control of the speakers. Rhythms down low aren’t blurred and beats are precisely rendered. Up top, the system was touch soft and left me yearning at times for a smidge more openness and space. But we’re really nitpicking here. Switching from Class A to A/B opened the amplifier up a little bit but showed why the A/B mode was intended for background listening. Gone was the silky smooth, grain free texture of the Class A mode.

    Finally, I’d be lying if the thought that I’d like to hear the system with a higher resolution source, be it digital or analog, didn’t cross my mind. And not just once or twice. Once again, here’s a clear cut demonstration that the source and source material often makes or breaks the audio system. Indeed, my visit has prompted Bob to get that analog front-end and running and once the phono section arrives and the Kondo table is set up, that answer can be answered once and for all.

    Thanks again to Bob for being the best host and making his listening salon available for as long as I wanted to listen!

    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
    Sr. Asst. Ed., Positive-Feedback
    _________________________________________Magico S5 speakers, cj ART monoblock Amplifiers; cj GAT preamplifier; Doshi V3.0 phonostage; VPI Classic Direct turntable/3D tonearm/Lyra Atlas, Ortofon A95, Charisma Reference 2 cartridges; Technics RS1500 with pro-Nortronics heads/King-Cello tape preamp with Furutech connectors; Assorted cables including Transparent Reference 5, Viero, Kubala-Sosna, MG Audio, Audience phono, Genesis Advanced Technologies Power Cords. Stillpoints Aperture panels, Cathedral Sound panels, Furutech NCF Nano AC receptacles; Silver Circle Tchaik 6 PLC. Symposium ISIS and SRA Craz racks; Symposium Ultra and assorted SRA platforms.


February 29, 2016

Goldmund Apologue installation completed last week in Houston, Texas.  

Pic on bottom left show the new proud Apologue owner with three Goldmund Swiss engineers and yours truly, post installation.

IMG_0576 IMG_0578


February 3, 2016

GREAT NEW SITE!!!! Founded by one of the most informed audio enthusiasts and senior reviewer in the industry, Myles B Astor.

Visit and register to get in on the fun at  Audio Nirvana

A few pics that Myles captured during his visit to Rhapsody yesterday……Check  out the  commentary from Myles’ Rhapsody visit here in this Audio Nirvana Thread  Click here

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Myles’s post on Audio Nirvana-

So how did the system sound?

Before getting to that, I’d like to thank Bob Visintainer, proprietor extraordinare of Rhapsody Music and Cinema for his invitation to come hear this magical combination of equipment. Bob is one of the classiest, not to mention easiest going audio proprietors that I know and am proud to call a friend. Bob has a keen ear for sound and when he says come down to my place and hear something, you know it’s special. In fact, it was Bob who after one audio show insisted that I come to his store and hear his pair of Magico speakers; shockingly or not, the Magico S5 and S3s were far better sounding than at any audio show; so good in fact, that I jumped at the opportunity when Irv Gross from Magico called and asked if I had any interest in reviewing the S5s for PF. But it’s hardly the first–nor will it be the last time–that a product sounded bad at a show and sounded good elsewhere. Most of us wizened show goers types know that if a product sounds good at a show it’s worth investigating; on the other hand, if it sounds bad, it’s meaningless.

And as they say the rest is history. Then almost two years ago, Bob most graciously hosted an Audioshark.com weekend audio extravaganza at his emporium where once again he had the Magicos purring. One of the highlights that weekend–and it was admittedly on tinkly type, small scale music–were the Magico S3s driven by the Kondo Kagura amplifiers. This was truly a very special combination. The Kondos possessed a delicacy and resolution that most–maybe no–amplifier could even dream of.

Jump ahead another year and Bob and I have have been corresponding back and forth about the pair of S7s he now has in house again driven by the Kondo Kaguras. Now for those not quite up on the S7 or the new S5/S3/S1 Mk. 2 (see: http://positive-feedback.com/audio-discourse/magico-s7/), Alon Wolf has because of the new graphene speaker material been able to eliminate parts of the crossover design relating to controlling driver break-up modes. And as we know, less is more. The end result is the new S series speakers are much easier to drive and that admittedly by today’s standards, 50 wpc Kagura should sound even better. So never being able to resist temptation or the chance to listen to another audio system, it was time to pack up some records and take the subway down to Bob’s store down in the Chelsea section of Manhattan.

So now came the biggest disappointment of the day. Bob’s big Kondo turntable was out of operation so all that time spent carefully choosing those albums to play on the big rig went for naught. Luckily Bob’s digital front-end set-up with the Aurender and Berkeley Audio DAC proved up to the task at hand! Then came the biggest surprise. Bob had since my last visit, taken on the Vitus Audio electronic line. So I was able to give a listen to the new Magico S7s coupled to either a tube or solid-state based audio chain. And the results were fascinating and maybe answered once again the question posed here:


But first, the starting line-up for each team!

System 1 Tube Based:

Kondo Kagura 211 SE amplifier ($160K)
Absolare Audio line stage ($40K)
Aurender N10 music server ($8000)
Berkeley Audio Alpha USB Alpha DAC ($16,000 plus $2500 for USB)
Absolare Audio line stage ($40K)
All Kondo Ag wire

System 2 Solid-state based, (run balanced):

Vitus SM011 amplifier ($55K)
Vitus SL102 linestage ($40K)
Aurender N10 music server ($8000)
Berkeley Audio Alpha USB Alpha DAC ($16,000 plus $2500 for USB)
All Einklein balanced cable

And the music. All the selections (RBCD) was played back through the Aurender/BAD combo including Holly Cole’s “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” and Dean Martin’s “Blue Moon” as well as selections from Reference Recording’s Arnold Overtures, some Van Morrison, etc. And that might have been the second best RBCD I’ve ever heard.

So returning to the initial question: how did the Magico S7s and the system as a whole sound? Big. Bold. Dynamic and effortless. Resolution up the wazoo. Instruments solidly anchored in the soundfield. Most of all, just quiet and transparent. Both the solid-state-based Vitus Audio and the tube-based Kondo/Absolare combos were exceptionally neutral and transparent sounding. The Kondo had it when it came to delicacy; the Vitus when it came to grip especially on the low end; the Kondo/Absolare combo when it came to midrange magic. The Vitus excelled at detail; the Kondo/Absolare at resolving musical nuances (the little things that bring the music to life). Instruments and singers were a touch more focussed with the Vitus; the singers had a touch more air and reverb surrounding them with the Kondo Absolare gear. In the end, I’m sure that I could live quite easily with either system especially once a turntable or tape deck was introduced into the equation. Of course, long term listening and further tweaking would be needed to draw any meaningful conclusion but someone has to do it so why not me?!?!

So once again a big thank you to Bob for the couple of hours he spent with me and I’m sure that he would gladly host any NY area audiophiles who would like to hear this SOTA combination!

Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
Sr. Asst. Ed., Positive-Feedback
_________________________________________Magico S5 speakers, cj ART and Audia Flight Amplifiers; cj GAT preamplifier; Doshi V3.0 phonostage; VPI Classic Direct turntable/3D tonearm/Lyra Atlas, Ortofon A95, Charisma Reference 2 cartridges; Technics RS1500 with pro-Nortronics heads/King-Cello tape preamp with Furutech connectors; Assorted cables including Transparent Reference 5, Viero, Kubala-Sosna, MG Audio, Audience phono, Genesis Advanced Technologies Power Cords. Stillpoints Aperture panels, Cathedral Sound panels, Furutech NCF Nano AC receptacles; Silver Circle Tchaik 6 PLC. Symposium ISIS and SRA Craz racks; Symposium Ultra and assorted SRA platforms.


January, 26, 2016

Recent comments from regarding the Kondo/Kaiser room at CES

  • I spent some time in the Kondo room and thought it was one of the show’s best sounds. It was also, by far, the best I’d ever heard the Kaiser Kaswero speakers. The Kondo electronics were gorgeous looking and sounding.

    by Alan Sircom Jan 25, 2016

    There were also products that were not technically new per se, but were used in rooms highlighting new equipment, that were worthy of note. Among these, perhaps the most interesting was the strictly limited edition Kaiser Kawero! Classic loudspeaker in the Kondo room. Rewired using the top Kondo cable, the system was designed to showcase the new $100,000 G-1000 Kondo preamplifier designed to replace the M1000 MkII. This created one of the most effortless sounds at the show.



January 17, 2016


Vitus Audio SM-011 Mono Amps ($50,400.00/pair): The Vitus amps are state-of-the-art amps made in Denmark and are among the best I’ve ever heard.  The Vitus built quality is superb.  The SM-011s are 200-watt amps utilizing the intelligent Class-A biasing circuit shared by their top-of-the line “Masterpiece Series.”  The SM-011s possess an uncanny ability to combine transparency, resolution, and openness with textural density, and solidity. (Key Kim)



January 11, 2016

CES 2016 –

Masaki san, President of Kondo-Audio Note Japan (standing) and Kume san (Kondo engineer) preparing the Kaiser Kawero for the CES presentations.


My dear friend Edward (owner of Avantgarde Hong Kong) ironing the Kondo banner. Edwards wife Barbara especially loved this pic.  I think it was my favorite pic of the entire show.


Kaiser Kawero Classic model showing off it’s incredible “tank wood” woodwork, with Kaiser modified tweeter sporting Kondo silver wiring throughout the speaker.  Also included are the new Classic integral speaker stands.


The Kondo system driving the Kaiser Kaweros included:

– First showing of the new Kondo G1000 two piece preamplifier

– Kondo Kagura 50 Watt Dual Parallel SET amplifiers

– Kondo Ginga TT

-Kondo IO-M silver wound cartridge, SFz Step Up Transformer

-Kondo GE-1 Phono Stage

-Kondo Silver Dac

-Complete system from IO-M cartridge all the way to the driver terminals in the Kaweros was fitted with Kondo Silver cabling.  Every power cord, Ic and speaker cable all top of the line Kondo silver wire.   One word described the sound “Pure”.


 December 23, 2015

We now have the new Vitus SM011 Intelligent Class A mono amps and the RI100 Vitus integrated on display and ready for audition.  The SM011’s (400 Watt Intelligent Class A) are the smaller amps next to the Magico S7 speakers.  The RI 100 (300 watt) integrated is the larger silver amp on the floor.

We are demonstrating the new Vitus amps on the Magico S7’s and Kaiser Kaweros, which are on the outside of the S7’s in the pic.



December 22, 2015  (Happy Holidays!)

Mono and Stereo discuss the new Absolare Integrated Amplifier



The Headphone Guru calls the Goldmund Telos Headphone Amp a Masterpiece

November 11, 2015-

The new Goldmund Logos SATYA (successor of the Logos 1N2N) active/wireless speaker system was presented last week at the Warsaw show. Availability begins in December 2015.

In between the SATYA speakers is the also new Nano Metis active/wireless speaker system which is optimized for computer playback.  The Nano Metis speakers are sitting  on top of the Metis Towers which  are also active and wireless.

35ma1j     P1030058


November 7, 2015-

Our New Vitus gear has arrived.  We are STUNNED on it’s sonic performance driving the new Magico S7’s and Kaiser Kaweros.

You would expect the SL102 preamp and the SM102 mono amps to sound great and they certainly do although we are REALLY SURPRISED at the sonic performance of the RI100 integrated amplifier.  At $13K it’s pure Vitus all the way, 300 watts into 8 ohms, optional Dac and phono stage…..hard to beat.


Here is a nice review for the RI100 from the Absolute Sound –


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 November 6, 2015-

Magico announced the S5 Mk II and S1 Mk II yesterday.  After listening to the S7 for the last two weeks we immediately ordered a pair of Silver MCast S5 MK II’s which will arrive in January of 2016.  Read about the new speakers below –

Magico S5 (Mk ii) HAYWARD, CA – Magico, the leader in high performance loudspeaker design and manufacture, is pleased to announce the new S5 (Mk II). The new S5 (Mk II) incorporates distilled elements of our most recent and ground breaking engineering accomplishments which are found in the S7 loudspeaker. From a distance the new S5 (Mk II) appears similar to its predecessor however upon closer inspection numerous improvements are easily recognized. Detailed and extended high frequencies emanate from a newly designed Magico 1-inch Diamond coated Beryllium diaphragm tweeter that offers matching sensitivity, wide dispersion and high power handling. A robust motor system and long-throw voice coil design enables lower distortion and cutoff frequencies that enhance driver integration with the midrange driver. © 2015 magico llc 3170 Corporate Place Hayward, CA 94545 2 of 2 The new midrange driver in the new S5 (Mk II) sets a new benchmark of measured performance. The cone material is formulated using Arkema Multi-Wall carbon nanotube and XG Sciences C- 750 Nanographene which combined is 20% lighter and 300% stiffer than previous cone material used in the original S5. The underhung neodymium base motor system uses two extra-large magnets which provide an ultra-stabilized magnetic field for the pure titanium voice coil to operate within. The driver operates in a purpose built sub-enclosure made of a proprietary polymer material that was first introduced in the S3. New Dual 10-inch bass drivers have extremely powerful magnets, with ultra-stiff aluminum cones that are specially coated and finished with graphene dust-caps. This new bass driver is capable of producing incredibly deep and powerful bass frequencies with the utmost speed and accuracy. The excursion rate of the voice coil is measured at 15-mm linear movement, twice as much as its predecessor, and produces clean and undistorted sound pressure levels up to 120dB @ 50Hz / 1-meter. The impressive enclosure of the S5 (Mk II) is formed from extruded aluminum, 1/2 inch thick and 16-inches in diameter. A massive new top plate is machined into an elegant 3D convex shape to minimize enclosure diffraction and break-up vertical standing waves. The thicker base plate incorporates a newly designed 4-point outrigger support that lowers the center of gravity and increases overall stability resulting in lower noise floor and increased dynamics. All five drivers in the new S5 (Mk II) are acoustically integrated using Magico’s exclusive Elliptical Symmetry Crossover topology that includes state-of-the-art components from Mundorf of Germany. Specifications: Driver complement: Highs: 1″ MB7 Beryllium Dome (X1) Midrange: 6” M390G Graphene Nano Tec (X1) Bass driver: 10” MAG10508 AluminumXF Graphene (X2) Measurements: Sensitivity: 89dB Impedance: 4 ohms Frequency Response: 22Hz – 50 kHz Minimum Recommended power: 50 Watts Dimensions: 48”H x 14”D x 15”W (122cm x 36cm x 38cm) Weight: 220 pounds Suggested Retail Price: SRP US $ 38,000.00 /pair M-Cast finish Ship date: January 2016


HAYWARD, CA – Magico, the leader in high performance loudspeaker design and manufacture, is pleased to announce the new S1 (Mk II). The new S1 (Mk II) incorporates distilled elements of our most recent and groundbreaking engineering accomplishments which are found in the S7 loudspeaker. From a distance the new S1 (Mk II) appears similar to its predecessor, however upon closer inspection numerous improvements are easily recognized. © 2015 magico llc 3170 Corporate Place Hayward, CA 94545 2 of 2 Detailed and extended high frequencies emanate from a newly designed Magico 1-inch Diamond coated Beryllium diaphragm tweeter that offers matching sensitivity, wide dispersion and high power handling. A robust motor system and long-throw voice coil design enables lower distortion and cutoff frequencies that enhance driver integration with the mid bass driver. Compelling mid-bass performance is generated by a newly designed 7-inch driver that incorporates the new Gen 7 Magico Nano-Tec cone material that was formulated for the MProject. The driver cone is formed from an ultra-stiff carbon material with a Graphene layer which provides a perfect ratio between weight, stiffness and damping. The voice coil is formed of pure titanium and the new motor features stronger neodymium magnets which enhance the magnetic field. The Magico tweeter and mid bass transducers are managed by a two-way dividing network which maximizes frequency bandwidth while preserving phase linearity and minimizes IM distortion. Individual driver performance and the loudspeaker in its final form are tested and optimized for acoustical, mechanical, electromagnetic and thermal behaviors using the latest state-of-the-art Finite Element Analysis simulation testing equipment. The monocoque enclosure of the S1 (Mk II) is formed from a single piece of extruded aluminum that is 3/8-inch thick and 12-inches in diameter. A massive new top plate is machined into an elegant 3D convex shape to minimize enclosure diffraction and break-up vertical standing waves. The thicker base plate incorporates a newly designed 4-point outrigger support that lowers the center of gravity and increases overall stability resulting in lower noise floor and increased dynamics. The new S1 (Mk II) is available a new M-Cast finish and the luxurious M-Coat painted finish. Specifications: Driver complement: Highs: 1″ MB7 Beryllium Dome (X1) Mid_Bass: 7” M390G Graphene Nano Tec (X1) Measurements: Sensitivity: 86dB Impedance: 4 ohms Frequency Response: 32Hz – 50 kHz Minimum Recommended power: 50 Watts Dimensions: 43″H x 8.5″D x 9.75″W (117cm x 23cm x 25cm) Weight: 110 pounds Suggested US Retail Price: $16,500.00 /pair M-Cast Ship date: January 2016


October 30, 2015-

Rhapsody M&C welcomes BERKELEY AUDIO DESIGN!!!

The Alpha Dac Reference, the Alpha Dac Series 2 and the Alpha USB will be arriving soon!


October 27th – Goldmund Apologue Anniversary System installed in Soho, NYC


This is one of two Apologue systems that  we are currently installing.  The second Apologue system will be installed in Houston, Tx in February, 2016.

001 003 004


Magico S7’s arriving at Rhapsody!  October 22, 2015



 Big News – Rhapsody is now a Vitus dealer!

Rhapsody is very proud to represent Vitus Audio.  The first products that will be arriving at Rhapsody in November are:

Vitus Audio – Reference – RI-100 – Integrated Amplifier $13,200


Integrated AmplifierRated Output Power : 2x 300W Class AB2x Unbalanced inputs (RCA)3 x Balanced inputs (XLR)1x Set balanced speaker outRemote Control includedDimensions (WxHxD) : 435 x 155 x 430 mmWeight : 35 Kg

Vitus Audio – Signature – SL-102 – Linestage  $34,800


True Balanced Line stage2x Unbalanced inputs (RCA)3x Balanced inputs (XLR)2x Unbalanced outputs (RCA)2x True balanced outputs (XLR)Remote Control RC-010 includedDimensions (WxHxD) : 435 x 135 x 402 mmWeight : 24 Kg

Vitus Audio – Signature – SM-102 – Mono Power Amplifier $67,200/pair


Monaural Balanced Power AmplifierRated Output Power : 100W Class A / 100W Class ABOutput Power Switchable1x Unbalanced inputs (RCA)1x Balanced inputs (XLR)2x Balanced sets in parallel speaker outputsRemote Control not includedDimensions (WxHxD) : 435 x 310 x 610 mm (each)Weight : 75 Kg (each)

Rhapsody will also be the US service center for Vitus Audio.

Meet Hans Ole Vitus, founder and CEO of Vitus Audio





200 Watt SS integrated with a 2 small tube preamplifier section.  A magical sounding hybrid integrated from Absolare.





Aurender, Aurender, Aurender – Rhapsody loves Aurender!

It’s hard to describe the effect that Aurender and it’s music listening experience has had at Rhapsody.  Listening and streaming Tidal through either the Aurender  N100/h,  the new N10 or the “take it to the max” W20 music servers has transformed our listening sessions here at Rhapsody.

Ipad control of our systems via the world class Aurender Ipad app is amazing……schedule your private demo…..we promise that you will enjoy the experience.


Simplicity and high fidelity to the extreme! 


Aurender >>>> Goldmund Active/wireless speakers (any of 10 models) >>>>Ipad controlled…..that’s it!!!  Come in – hear and experience!





THREE new literally amazing technologies that will TRANSFORM ANY system.





Frankie Voon’s FVEuroAudio

FVEuroAudio PowerBank 2500 https://www.facebook.com/FV-Euroaudio-Company-723848727703337/timeline/


Rhapsody Music & Cinema is proud to represent the full line of Magico speakers.

We currently have the Magico S1 and S3 and S5 available for audition.  

The newest member of the Magico family, the S7’s will be arriving by mid October and will be available for demonstration in our Manhattan showroom.   Call for an appointment to hear the  latest creation from Magico.


Click images to advance slideshow.

In this showcase, we feature the manufacturing processes at Kaiser Acoustics. Above we see different stages of building the crossover, cabinetry and the finalizing process.

Happy New Year! We hit the ground running this month, exhibiting at CES with both Kondo and Absolare. Below we have the exquisite Kondo electronics paired with Kaiser Acoustics speakers. We’ll have the Kondo Ginga turntable in house for auditions shortly, stay tuned!


It was a pleasure once again to be reunited with dear friends, notably, Kondo president, Masaki-san (second from right). We had a great time at the show and look forward to seeing the Kondo team again next year!


Not to forget the Absolare room with Rockport speakers. These are the same electronics you can audition at the Rhapsody Music & Cinema showroom with a choice of speaker pairings.

We are VERY PROUD to announce that we have been selected to represent the Acoustic System International (ASI) suite of products. ASI and its principal Franck Tchang offer a very special suite products, as well as groundbreaking technologies. Please take a look at Franck’s offerings at FranckTchang.com or click on the Acoustic System International link from the drop down HiFI menu on this page. We are currently exploring the amazing capabilities of the “acoustic resonator” technology. We already have the acoustic resonators installed in our showroom and to say that we are “believers” in the technology is a vast understatement. One of the most interesting facets of the technology is how that it transcends the audio application area. Please give us a call if you would like additional information on any of the ASI offerings.

“My first job at KONDO was to assemble ONGAKU. When we were finished, we all had a listen to it. I was very stunned by the sound from ONGAKU. An amplifier that can produce such vivid and colorful sounds… I have never heard in my life.”

-Ashizawa Masaki, President, KONDO Audio Note



“What I can say is that the Kondo Audio Note Overture is an extraordinary integrated amplifier. The one word that constantly came to mind was: purity. I can easily say that it is by far the best integrated design I’ve heard and certainly competes with the best separates.”

-Key Kim, StereoTimes


StereoTimes Review: KONDO Overture by Key Kim

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Rhapsody Audio NYC