Trade-ins are considered on a case by case basis.
Give us a call and make a reasonable offer on the item(s) of your choice and we will attempt to make you a happy new owner.

  • Goldmund Apologues, Excellent condition
  • Soulution 700 Mono amps, original crates/manuals Mint condition
  • Kondo Ongaku, demo, mint
  • Kondo Ginga TT, IO-M cartridge, demo
  • VYGER Atlantis Turntable, new in crates
  • Jadis I-88 90 Watt Class A integrated with/dac,  demo
  • Magico A3 demos, Mint
  • TechDas Air Force One Premium/Graham arm/Koetsu Coralstone/CMS stand
  • TechDas Air Force Three/Graham arm
  • AVM PA8.2 preamp, black, with tube or SS output (both included),demo
  • AVM MA8.2 300Watt Mono amplifiers, black, (demo)
  • Kondo M1000 2 chassis preamplifier w/phono stage (demo)
  • Rockna Weavedream net server, black (demo)
  • Goldmund Telos 590 integrated amplifier (demo)
  • Raidho XT-5 Walnut, demo
  • Scansonic MB6, demo
  • Zesto Leto 1.5 preamp and Eros 300 Mono amplifiers, demos/mint
  • Goldmund Blu-ray Reference CD/SACD/Blu-ray player
  • Goldmund Satya demos, VG condition
  • Goldmund Pro Logos Plus active/wireless system
  • Goldmund Metis integrated, Demo
  • Goldmund Logos active speakers with Logos active subs w/Mimesis 10 processor, Demo
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