Two recent posts on the AudioShark forum-Raidho D3 Upgrade

-Last week I traded the Raidho C3 to Rhapsody Audio (NYC) for the Raidho D3.  Bob is a true gentleman and insured an easy transaction.

-Len, congratulations on the D3’s! Bob from Rhapsody is a real gentleman. He gives it to you straight. No equivocation.

You have no idea how happy I am to have met you and to have discovered the best audio dealer on earth. Your patience with my ignorance and your willingness to go the extra distance is simply amazing.
I’m truly blessed with the best audio in the world (ProLogos and Aurender) and with YOU!  My cup runneth over.


“One of the most compelling attributes of my Goldmund system is that I can listen to music that I like, not only audiophile recordings, regardless of the quality of the recording, because even poorly recorded cd’s sound incredible!”

-Mark Rosen


“I thought about dividing this (Best of Show) award among several very worthy contenders, but the truth is that one speaker sounded more like the absolute sound than any of the others—and not by a small margin. That speaker is the new Raidho D1.”

-Jonathan Valin, CES 2013 Show Report


“The Kondo room was spectacular, even better than at last year’s (2011) CES. It was seductive and addictive.”

-Key Kim