Rhapsody Audio location: Dallas - Fort Worth

Chris Hesse

I have been a music lover and gear addict ever since I was old enough to spend my lawnmowing money on CD’s and speakers. The thrill of searching record bins and the used CD aisle never gets old for me. Over 3 decades, I have helped assemble systems ranging from boombox to state of the art for myself, friends, acquaintances and anyone who would listen.

The systems in DFW are set up in a commercial space on opposite sides of a 33’ x 22’ x 12’ room. One side highlighting the finest in vacuum tube technology and the other driven by the best solid state electronics I have ever heard. A multitude of amp/speaker/source combinations can be arranged upon request. It is my love of music that drove this venture. I invite you to come enjoy the space I have set up which highlights the fantastic efforts of the skilled artisans and manufacturers Rhapsody.Audio represents.

email: chris@rhapsodydfw.com

phone: +1 (716) 982-4189

Appointment only