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Please contact us for inquiries.

Trade-ins are considered on a case by case basis.

Give us a call and make a reasonable offer on the item(s) of your choice and we will attempt to make you a happy new owner.


  • Absolare 200 Watt hybrid integrated amplifier demo, Red leather (List price $34,500)
  • Studer A812 R2R tape deck with stand and King/Cello tape preamp $10K FIRM, Must pick up Studer in NYC, WILL NOT SHIP.  Also have a Revox and Teac for sale and many tapes, 7 1/2, 15ip and 30ips.
  • Line Magnetic LM501 1A 100 Watt Tube integrated, also works as amp only.  Great sound, demo.  ( List price$4500)
  • Exogal Comet Dac, demo, signature w/separate power supply (List price $3,000)
  • Ubiq Model One, white, demos, no boxes local NYC area only,  ( List price $14,750)
  • Magico Demo S7’s and S5IIs, call for pricing or to schedule a demo
  • Magico M3 demos, MINT, with Mpods (List price $84,600)
  • Magico original S1 version, (not MkII version), gun metal blue, trade-in (list $13,000)
  • Kaiser Kawero Classic demos  (List price $85,000)
  • Kaiser Chiara, demos  (List price $22,900)
  • Kondo Overture (List price $33,000)
  • Kondo Kagura amplifiers, demos (List price $188,000/pair)
  • Kondo Ginga TT with SME12 Kondo modified arm/IO-M cartridge (List $129K)
  • Kondo CFz Step-up-transformer  (List price $3900)
  • Vitus SM102 mono amps and SM011 mono amps, demos, call for price or audition
  • Vitus SL102 preamp, Black ($34,500 list)
  • Vitus RS 100 Stereo amplifier 200W 8ohm/400W 4 ohm, demo (List price $12,000)
  • Scansonic MB-6 Demos ($9,999 list price)
  • Goldmund Logos 1n/2n active system (List price $110,000)
  • Goldmund Pro Logos Plus active/wireless system  (List price $79,000)
  • Goldmund Metis integrated Demo, (List price $11,000)
  • Goldmund Logos active speakers with Logos active subs w/Mimesis 10 processor, Demo  (List price $69,000)
  • Goldmund Mimesis 10 processor, Demo  (List price $22,000)
  • Goldmund Telos 1000 Mono amps, 120V, (List price $110K/pair)